choice of champions präsentiert die

Europäische Griffkraftmeisterschafft 2008

am 16.8.2008 in Haltern am See

Steve Gardener with the Apollon's Axle

Steve Gardener, first place overall, here at IronMind´s Apollon´s Axle. The Mobster won with
an amazing 492% and 4 first places in 5 events. A fierce competitor, never losing focus.

Gabriel Sum checks the grippers

Gabriel Sum checks the grippers. He came in second place overall and showed lots of talent at
an early age. This was Gabriels first athletic event EVER. He qualifed by getting certified as a
captain of crush. I am sure that he can go a long way if he does not burn out himself.

Martin Ressel is pinching

Third place went to Martin Ressel, here at the pinchevent. Martin did not have too much time
to train and worked with equipment that was different from the one used in this competition.
Placing third this way isn´t too bad then, I guess!
In my opinion it would be great to have an improved setup or better blocks for the pinch event,
this setup lengthens the competition a lot. Someone even got injured because of the square

Sam Solomi and Jorge González

Sam Solomi (left) from Great Britain, the youngest contestant on this day, got coached from
Steve Gardener and placed forth, winnig the first event. On the right is Jorge González who was
hurt after a strongman contest.
Florian Kellersamm came in on fifth place. He was injured, too, so I regard him for having the guts and
sportsmanship to compete even if he knew that he could not work at full capacity.
Johan Albrektsson and Matti Heiskanen were just one percent apart on 6th and 7th place. The reigning
German champion, Stefan Falke, unfortunately did not have his best day and finished on place 8, places 9
and 10 went to the Spanish competitiors Jose Jara and Jorge González. Just watch the Inch
Dumbbell-Video (below) to see Jorge´s strength!

I liked it a lot and you all are welcome to Haltern again but let´s see who will hold it next time. I do not
think the athletes want to go to the same country two years in a row.

I have to say thanks again to Burkhard Macht for helping to organize and judge. Sandra took
loads of my shoulders and also did Martin Schlupp whom we will see on the platform in some
Walter Kurda did a lot of work, helped with plates and took the pix of this page. Thanks a lot,
Walter! He also put some videos on the net:

Gripper Pinch Apollon's Axle
1 Hand Deadlift Rolling Thunder Inch Dumbbell

Gripper Pinch Axle 1H DL RT Total
Steve Gardener 92,4% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 1
Gabriel Sum 97,5% 94,9% 97,1% 96% 85,1% 470,5% 2
Martin Ressel 94,4% 91,3% 94,1% 95% 86,3% 461,0% 3
Sam Solomi 100% 96,5% 88,2% 84,% 80,1% 448,9% 4
Florian Kellersmann 94,4% 84,2% 91,2% 95% 73,9% 438,6% 5
Johan Albrektsson 94,4% 89,7% 85,3% 90% 72,6% 432% 6
Matti Heiskanen 90,3% 97,4% 88,2% 85% 70,1% 431% 7
Stefan Falke 85,6% 84,4% 88,2% 91% 70,1% 419,4% 8
Jose Jara 88,7% 81,6% 85,3% 86% 77,6% 419,2% 9
Jorge González 88,7% 78,9% 89,7% 82% 71,4% 410,7% 10

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